The pay-off for all the hard work. There is great satisfaction in knowing you’ve done your job well and served your clients’ interests and they are very much impressed and satisfied.
Archel was referred to me by my Lawyer friend who could see that I had no idea how to build a website, and that the time taken to learn WordPress was sending me broke. Archel patiently reviewed my website and built exactly what I wanted. He made the format and pages in a style that suit my business – clean, clear and fresh. Archel patiently added relevant images and made all the changes that I asked of him. All interactions with Archel were done via email, so I had to be very clear and specific as to what I wanted, and Archel was with me the whole way. I liked having email contact as it meant we could seamlessly update my website without interrupting my daily routine of attending to my customers. Archel left me with some templates that I am able to use in my blog posts in the future, which I love. Archel is awesome. His prices are unbelievable. I would highly recommend him to someone who is struggling with learning WordPress and needs a helping hand to upgrade their websites.
Tiecia Sharpe
I recently used Archel to create a site for me. He was great to work with. He was clear, professional and a pleasure to work with. He delivered more than I expected, on time and on budget,I will definitely be using his services again. Tony Daniel Naturopath and Business Owner
Tony Daniel, Queenland, Australia
Naturopath and Business Owner  - Capalabana Clinic
I am not in the know how of these website stuff, but archel was very accommodating and truly helped me out with all my needs and how i would want my website to come out. He never gets tired of all the revisions done and constantly suggesting what is best for my business. Thank you archel and i believe you will go a long way!
Dr. Madeline G. Griño
Dentist Owner  - Griño Dental Clinic
Worked with Archel on a WordPress website. He was very professional and he delivered as promised. Through out the whole process, he kept communication lines open and was very accommodating. Could not ask for more from a free lance web developer.
John Bailon
Owner  - Bitcoin
VERY nice work and very easy to work with. Our geography somewhat limited our communications which usually concerns me but Afrancisco was quick to implement any changes or adapt the projects direction to suit my preference. Very happy with end results.
Business Owner
Archel is great! The website he made was up and running in a few weeks after I contacted him. Due to my busy schedule I wasn’t able to supply most of the content but he was able to manage it. He did it very well. Highly recommended!
Mitch Cablayan
Owner  - Mikhaelas beauty shop
Archel or “Achie” when I met this guy at Sulit,, all I can say is “Quality Service” from this Web freelancer person. Archie make sure that the term “Quality” means beyond expectation for what we call “before and after service”. I definitely recommend Mr. Francisco in his services especially for those starting business entrepreneur like me. Again, thumbs up! to you Archie.
President, Owner  - JMCL Media & Marketing Services, Inc.
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